Thursday, July 23, 2015

Petting zoo

We took the kids (back in June.....I'm a little behind) to the petting zoo and pony rides and fair! They loved the animals. Kylie loved her pony ride and Alex couldn't get off fast enough. They weren't to sure of the big slide at first but once it was done they were super excited! Then we finished the day with a healthy dinner of corn dogs and elephant ears #parentsoftheyear

Loving these summer moments!!


We took the kids to open gym to try gymnastics, SUCCESS!!!!! They both loved it! Kylie loves jumping off anything into the foam pit. Alex likes crawling over everything. Best part is they were super exhausted after!!! 

The gym

Kylie and Grandma on the balance beam

Alex and Grandpa 

Kylie in the foam pit 

Now that they've been 3 different times thy love it! We will be putting them in classes. In the mean time Kylie is jumping off everything she can (sorry sweetie the floor is harder. A foam pit) and Alex is a natural monkey!!