Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday

We had a great Black Friday in Michigan. I spent the morning making Thanksgiving dinner with Ed's mom so we could have our Thanksgiving with them. After that the kids had some play time and then napped. They have discovers the piano and looove it!

Morning nap with Grammy while mom made side dishes 

Piano fun! Next Mozart?

After naps we went into town to do the Carousel. We were pleasantly surprised to find live reindeer too!!
With the kids first reindeer

Just goin for a drive before the carousel

Grammy and Alex on the carousel

Kylie and Papa on the carousel

When we got home we celebrated Christmas!
Can I pleeease open this?

Such a stud!

Ready to rip into presents

Team effort 

Very excited for his sports set

She was very excited her princess station has a mirror!!

Kissing herself in the mirror

Blew me away when we put him on this and he instinctively started rocking!! Smart boy! 

He loves his horse!!

It was a great Christmas celebration and Thanksgiving  celebration! The kids really love ripping off paper and then eating it. They also got excited for every single thing they got! They are soooo loved. I can't wait to get all their new stuff home for them to use!! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014


The kids first Thanksgiving came and went! We spent the morning in Michigan then went to Indiana for a few hours, then back to Michigan. The kids did great with all the traveling and all the people around that they weren't familiar with. They didn't really want anybody but mom and dad to hold them but they were happy to play by anybody who would sit by them. 

With Grammy and Papa before going to Indiana to see their other Grandma and Grandpa

 Enjoying Thanksgiving lunch

Me and my two Turkeys

Family photos are impossible when you have two turkeys who won't sit still

Kylie's Turkey Dress

Alex and his Turkey Day wear

When they got back to Grammys they tried on their Turkey hats she got them

While mommy liked the hats, they weren't to sure

Kylie decided yay for Turkey hats

Alex had a different opinion :)

After bath time the kids put on their Christmas Jammie's and got to open (aka pull of paper and promptly shove in mouth) two gifts each from Grammy and Papa

Naturally the guard dog moved in to supervise 

The kids loved their new toys and had a wonderful first Thanksgiving! We also had a great time with family. And we are beyond thankful this year that we have gotten Alex and Kylie in our lives, they keep us on our toes, keep us laughing, and at times pulling our hair out :) we love them more then words can say and I can't imagine life without them. Holidays are going to be even more fun now! Happy Thanksgiving!

First road trip

We took the kids on their first long road trip for Thanksgivong weekend! The longest car ride prior to this was maybe an hour or two. We knew it'd be rough as  they are so mobile they don't like to be in car seats. We decided to drive through the night to make it easier on them. Do we rented a minivan so the dog could come. Then we loaded the van with a dog, two kids, a bag of toys, 4 other bags, snacks, and Christmas presents (we celebrate Xmas with one side of our family at Thanksgiving) and hit the road!

Kylie all smiles and Alex not so happy right before leaving 

We loaded the kids about 6 pm and hit the road in our minivan (ew) rental.....which we grew to love (holy space saver)! We drove about 90 minutes then woke the kids at a mcdonalds parking lot to feed their bedtime bottle and inhale some Mcdonalds for ourselves. Well that was a mistake! They went from sleeping sweetly to not wanting to eat and wanting to play in the van. 

Luckily big bro Mav was willing to share his seat for a brief time! After we ate we out them back in car seats (cue screaming) and hit the road. The next 7 hours or so were on and off periods of sleeping and waking up crying because they were still on car seats. By 4 am we were at Ed's parents, exhausted but so happy to see family and have that stretch of the trip done! We will def make some changes for the way back but overall I still think it went well! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sous Chef

Every chef needs some help....and the other night I had all kinds of help!!

They make cooking way more challenging but way more fun!!

Splish splash

Bath time is getting more and more fun for the kids! Normally we zip through it but lately on weekends we've been making sure there is time to play! This past weekend we let them use our jacuzzi tub for the first time! They loved it!

"Can we get in yet?"

Alex on left Kylie on right

Alex grabbing for toys

Kylie playing

A very jealous fur baby

Claiming the tub once the kids were out 

Love bath time fun!!

A Christmas Tradition

I have always had our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving so when we get home from traveling it is ready to go. This year was extra special to me because it's the kids first Christmas! While they were napping I put the tree up. When they got up we had a gift for each of them to open (Christmas pjs for each and mom and dad got a pair too!) I plan to every year when the tree is up to have us all get Christmas pajamas. When the kids are the right age for it, they will be brought by our "elf on the shelf". This year they also got Santa hats and The Night Before Christmas book! It was so fun to watch them be mesmorized by the lights on the tree:

Then it was time to open their first Christmas present. Kylie was all about it, Alec wasn't to sure!

And then they got their book:

That night we read our book in our new pjs! And we modeled our new stuff!

I am so so so excited for the Holidays and the memories we will make!!!