Monday, September 29, 2014

A family wedding

This past weekend we went to Michigan/Indiana for Hubby's sisters wedding. It was the kids second trip via plane and once again they did great!
Dinner in the airport

We started the weekend with a trip to the beach....babies first beach trip!!! (Beautiful Lake Michigan)
Kylie loves the sand, Alex hated it

Family photo in front of Lake Michigan!

Kiddos and Grammy! Alex was sad his feet got dirty!

Later that day was the dress rehearsal, the kids were adorable!

At the dress rehearsal they met their cousins who were just fantastic with them: 

At dinner for dress rehearsal

The next day was wedding day!! The church was gorgeous, the reception venue was amazing (perfect sunset view of Lake Michigan), the bride was stunning, and the kids were adorable! The bride and groom wanted to involve the kids so we dressed them to match the color scheme and they got carried down the aisle by the groomsmen! It was adorable!!! And even better they were quiet!! Of course after they got back to mom and dad they cried a little, I think they (Kylie) were sad the attention was off them! Luckily we popped a bottle in their mouth and they were pretty quiet the remainder of the ceremony! They were all smiles at the reception dinner, by the time that was done it was way past bedtime and they were done with such an eventful day so we had to leave after the father daughter dance. Sad we had to leave early but we had such a great time seeing family and celebrating the Newlyweds! 

So tired from the big day
It's hard work entertaining ;)

The next day was more family time

Playing in the airport before their flight home. They did fantastic on the flight home, especially since we were on the plane for nearly three hours! And just like that are fun trip was over!! Can't wait til next time!! And a huge congrats to Marghi and Kyle!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Twins First Pumpkin Patch!

This weekend we took the kiddos to their first pumpkin patch. I LOVE pumpkin patches so was so excited to do this with them. We were so lucky to have a beautiful sunny fall day for it. Warm enough that jackets were not Minnesota! The kids Uncle Nate and Aunt Lesley were also free so they came over to go with us, (thanks guys for being our photographers....coming with us ;) )We went to a place just north of us and it is a perfect family pumpkin patch. They have hayrides, pumpkin bowling, a jumpy jump, bonfire, pony rides,  kids Halloween movies playing, and all kinds of different things to take your picture with. In addition there are baby pigs (CUUUUTE!), chicks, ducks, and bunnies to pet/hold. They also had some cute goats to look at. In the "farm" they had cider, donuts, pop, and just in general cute decor. And of course there was a plethora of pumpkins to choose from.....big, small, white, orange, ribbed, smooth, the possibilities were endless. 
Kylie by the pumpkins 

Alex is not a fan

Getting his sisters thoughts!

Looking at bunnies

Ducks and bunnies (bunnies are cut out)

Being silly

Family photo by the pumpkins we chose  from

So big! Can't wait to watch her grow next to this each year.

"dad can I do the big rides yet?"

On the hayride!

They had to pose in front of the John Deere tractor.....boooo John Deere!

He found was hilarious 

"Mom, mom! Look how big this pumpkin is!"

"I'm not so sure about this one mom, it's ugly"


"Giddy up"

Family photo

With their aunt and uncle

Cute decor!

After exploring everything we got our pumpkins and headed home. 

Such a fun experience, I can't wait to take the kids here each fall!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Last night we took the kids to eat at their First restaurant. They have been to many restaurants before, but this was the first time they sat in the highchairs there and ate their food. It went great! They were so well behaved. Alex did let out a loud squeal, so I am happy we chose Buffalo wild wings. That place is loud and drowns the noise (and all the TVs are fantastic distractions for the kids!!)

Our waitress gave them fun hats!

So glad or went well! Now bring on all the upcoming meals out :)