Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas #2

This weekend Ed and I celebrated our Christmas since we'll be in Illinois for Christmas this year and didn't want to bring everything there and then back here again. Sunday we got up and exchanged stockings

All of our stockings by the fireplace....isn't mav's cute!

Mav sniffing his stocking, he got his toy out with minimal help
A squeaking bat, woohoo!

My stocking

Ed's stocking
After stockings we made breakfast together and then opened presents. Mav got two more toys (spoiled much?!) and Ed got an Ipad 2 (spoiled much?!) :) I got some books, a movie, makeup, new perfume, fuzzy socks, and Christmas decorations (ok also maybe spoiled a litlte ;) )

"Patiently" waiting for whatever is in the bag

Another new toy = happy pup!

I pad 2 = Happy Husband

Cute festive toys

Yay for Clinique products!

Some of the books I got and my new Coach perfume!
After presents it was off to Lochness to take Mav on a walk
He just LOVES being off leash

Waiting for mom and dad to catch up
 When we got home we rested all afternoon. Maverick found all 3 of his new toys and some how got it so that he was touching all of them at the same time.....see below:
 We made a big Christmas dinner too....Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing, and Sweet Potatoes. Topped it off with homemade fudge and oreo balls....where's a lift to get you to the couch when you need one! All in all I think it was a successful Christmas celebration! T minus 6 days until Christmas # 3 with my family....until then...time for a turkey coma!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

3 day weekend

I kicked off the 3 day weekend by getting my hair done, I've always wanted to go darker but to nervous to be anything but blonde....well I finally did it. Not quite brunette....more of a dark blonde...but big change for me. 3 days later and its finally growing on me....I think the jury is still out on Ed, but luckily he says I look good with anything :) It looks a little darker in these pics but couldn't quite get the lighting to do it justice.



What do you think? The color faded a little after a wash and looks darker without a camera....we'll see how long before I go back to little patient's will be all confused now because they call me the "barbie doctor" and barbie's not so blonde anymore :)

Ed and I both took off Friday.  We had planned for Ed to teach me to ski that day....but thanks to the cold we didn't make it. Paying to be outside when it was single digits just didn't sound as appealing.....I'm sure my butt is thanking me for the pain I saved it :) Instead we did errands, went to lunch, then came home and relaxed. That night we went to Edina to dinner with friends, yum!

Saturday we say New Years Eve....cute movie, not much of a plot but I just love when there are that many celebs in a movie! Saturday night I did some shopping at Target, had a few coupons where if you spent 50 bucks you got a $10 gift card, I was not missin out on that! I now have $20 in gift cards :) I made a new recipe last night, turned out delicious! We also made Christmas Rice Krispies...dyed them green and used cornflakes instead of rice krispies so they look like little wreaths...I wish I could say there are a lot left...but well they were REALLY good :) Then we watched Elf and was a pretty good episode of SNL, Katy Perry was a fun host!

Mav and his bone....he loves relaxing weekends

Sunday we got up and bundled up for our weekly walk. There is a park near us that is a disc golf course....also doubles as an off leash dog park. The whole thing is about 2 miles to walk and Mav just LOVES being off his leash, he actually listens pretty good too. So we grabbed Starbucks then walked around Lochness. Then made it to the gym after we dropped Mav off to sleep. Good thing we went there b/c when we got home I made homemade Mac N Cheese based on Panera's recipe...yummy but I'm sure fatty too....

Well off to take some toys to drop off that we got for Toys for Tots and a little bit of Christmas shopping. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

Thought I'd share a few of our Christmas Decorations! 

Main floor bathroom

Main floor bathroom

Ed, Mav, and my stockings....isn't Mav's cute! (disregard mav's massive toy pile on left)

Kitchen table

Family room

Stairs....still need to get stockings to hang off this (thanks pier one for the idea!)


Other side of couch


Above the door

Maverick and the Tree....he's curious which presents are his :)

Centerpiece I made

End table with my new Santa...thanks mom!!
How are your Holiday decorations coming?