Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St Patricks Day

We are on to celebrating second holidays!!! Little throwback to St Pattys day last year:

And now this year:

I will say it was easier last year to get a picture of them together. It is not an option for both of them to sit still, at the same time, and heaven forbid look at a camera!!! On the other hand this year Mommy didn't drop the ball on St Pattys outfits. Last year I thought it was silly and a waste of money (that must have been sleep deprivation talking as on actual st Pattys day I regretted not having outfits and couldn't find any last minute) so Kylie had to wear one of Alex's shirts (the bad think about an entirely pink and adorable wardrobe!). Well this year I was doing it right!

Alex got a cute vest and tie on his shirt:
(Such a cheeser!)

Kylie got the foofoo poofy tutu with shamrocks (why don't they have this in adult size??) :
This was her pointing at me (and based on the tone of her voice possibly telling me off) for putting a bow in her hair

Mommy Alex selfie!

Just playin by the window

Attempt to get them together

"Mom no flash"

"If your happy and you know it clap your hands" (or yell at the top of your lungs)

Someone was loving the attention this morning.....and her big skirt!

Happy St Pattys Day!! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First Birthday Party

We had the twins first birthday party a week ago. It was hard to find a good gender neutral theme but we eventually agreed on Dr Seuss (ok I chose and Ed didn't object!) the plan was to dress the kids as Thing 1 and Thing 2. And this the shopping and planning begun. Thanks to Pinterest ideas were a breeze. I made numerous trips to Michaels but I think it all turned out great!

Here are some pics of decorations:
By the front door

Goody bag table by front door

My Dr Seuss "trumphalump tree"

Birth through one year monthly photos

My favorite pictures over the past year....over 4000 whittled down to 85!! It was hard!

Homemade banner!

There was a wall with ADORABLE arrows my Mom made that were Dr. Seuss themed and said "This Way, That Way, Party Here, Party There". I had a picture of them.....the kids got my phone when it was not locked and I am now missing pics...including that one :( If I find someone with a copy I'll add it to this! :)

Cake table

Love our cake!!

Alex's smash cake

Kylie's smash cake

Kylie's board that Ed designed from scratch!!

Alex's board that Ed made (he's so talented)

The lunch spread! All Dr Seuss themed. We had Green eggs and ham (ham slices and deviled eggs), Poodles eating Noodles (pasta salad), Roast beast (BBQ pulled chicken), Hop on Popcorn (popcorn), Cat in the Hat kabobs (strawberry and banana skewers), Go Dog Go (pigs in a blanket), and Pink Ink from a Yink (pink lemonade)

The gift sign I made, the kids say mom something is missing!

Some of their loot!

Another angle of gift table

In their high chairs that their Grandma and Grammy helped me decorate!

Wearing our Dr Seuss hats
In their adorable outfits!

Ready to party!!

Family photo

Daddy and the birthday boy

Mommy and the birthday girl 

With Grandma and Grandpa Aussieker

With Grammy and Papa Geary

With Grandma and Grandpa Collins

With Aunt Lesley and Uncle Nate

With Aunt Marghi

Kylie playing with the big kids

Alex playing with the big kids

Family photo during Happy Birthday

The first bites, Kylie drove right in but Alex was skeptical

Holding hands mid smash. They're total besties!

Messy Kylie 

Messy Alex




Kylie's hair


Alex became bored with cake and moved on to covering balloons on frosting

It was a perfect party and turned out exactly how I planned! The red frosting stained so the kids ended up in the tub to soak their pink skin (oops!) 

Once they were cleaned up and the guests left they opened some presents:

The twins had a great first birthday that they won't remember but Ed and I will always treasure the memories!! Thank you to everyone who came and a huuuuuge thank you to Ed, my Mom, and Ed's Mom for all their help! I could not have done it without you :) Now...on to planning next years bash! ;)