Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Basement renovation

We have been spending way more time in the basement as that is the kids playroom. That said it needed a serious face lift. Ed was a great sport and let me take it from drab to fab :) I even managed to make one half kid friendly and keep the other side Purdue themed and have them tie together with a paint change! Took me forever to find the right draperies but I'm pleased with the outcome!


Happy helper:


My favorite touch is the art wall!! Can't wait to keep adding the kids art projects from school to it each month!!

So happy with how it turned out! Just want to update futon pillows and it's perfect :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

8 Months

Oh my goodness its' been a busy month! The kids are getting so busy and we've had a lot going on!! Lots of firsts this month!

First time in cart without carseat 8/31

First college football game to watch on tv 8/30...BOILER UP!

First time getting into something (pulled out ALL their clean diapers from their bucket) 9/5

Started sippy cups 8/30....still not quite getting it

First "breakfast club" 9/6

First time meeting mommies BFF 9/12

First time eating in restaurant in a highchair 9/19

First pumpkin patch 9/20

CRAWLING!!! - Kylie did it 9/20

Pulling up to sit - Alex did it 9/21

First time to the beach and lake - 9/25

First Wedding - 9/25


Nicknames: Alex, Little Dude, Little Man, Pumpkin, little buddy, Bubba

Weight:   Around 18 pounds

Height:   will get at 9 month check

Head circumference:  will get at 9 month check

Diaper size: 2

Clothing size: 6 month but also starting to wear some of his 9 month

Feeds: Target brand Gentlease.  He takes 8 ounces 3 times a day (7 AM, 3 PM, 700 PM). He gets baby foods three times a day (9 AM, Noon, and then at 530 PM when we eat dinner). The boy still has not met a food he doesn't like! He loves to eat! He keeps his hands far to the side when you feed him baby foods so you can get the food in as fast as possible. He likes to humm while you feed him and will smack his tray when you don't get the food in fast enough. So far we have had peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potato, corn, squash, apple, banana, pear, prune, spinach, blueberries, blackberries, pineapple, oatmeal, cinnamon, applesauce, mango, grapes, plum, and peaches! His current favorite is sweet potato and corn mixed together or mango.

Sleep: He goes to bed at 7 after having a diaper change, bottle, and listening to lullabies. Dad wakes him during the week at 5:45 for a bottle. After this bottle he goes back to bed until mom wakes at 7:45 for Daycare OR if its a weekend he wakes around 9 AM on his own. He is a good sleeper and will sleep by himself in the crib. He LOVES to snuggle a fuzzy blanket. He loves to nap on this fuzzy gray blanket we have on the couch. He takes 3 cat naps a day (about 30 minutes each ) at daycare. At home he takes 2, 30 minute naps and if you're lucky one 60 to 90 minute nap. MUST have pacifier to nap! He likes to sleep with his Lovie and sleeps so much better with it. 

Health: Healthy and happy all month.

Behavior: Such a smiley boy! Only upset when he is tired or hungry. He is fascinated by Maverick and will just stare at him and follow him around the room.  Loves to giggle. When something is funny you can do it over and over and he will laugh over and over. Everything goes to his mouth!!!

Play : He loves to get in his jumper and try to jump. He also thinks peek a boo is hilarious.  He loves his activity table and constantly sits at it and bangs on the keys to make it play music. He loves Sophie the Giraffe. Still loves his pacifier. Also loves his giraffe toy that moves balls around that he took from Grandmas house. Any toy that lights up is exciting. He is also really liking balls and blocks, although he doesn't do much more then put them in his mouth. Alex also thinks its fun to take things from his sister! Loves having dance parties!

Rolls all over the room. Can push to all fours and rock but unsure about crawling just yet. Very sturdy on his feet if he holds onto something.  Babbling.

8 month photo:


Nicknames: Kylie Bear, Lil Diva, Princess, Lovebug, Pumpkin

Weight: 14 to 15 pounds

Height: will get at 9 month check

Head circumference: Will get at 9 month check

Diaper size: 2

Clothing size: 6 month, big on her but they work good

Feeds: Target brand Gentlease. She is offered 7 ounces 2 times a day (7 AM and 3 PM) but generally doesn't finish either bottle. At bedtime she takes 8 oz.  She gets baby foods three times a day (9 AM, Noon, and 530 PM when we eat). She usually can eat a whole container of baby food. Her favorite is sweet potato and corn mixture but mango is right up there too. So far Kylie has had peas,carrots, green beans, sweet potato, corn, squash, apple, banana, pear, prune, spinach, blueberries, blackberries, pineapple, oatmeal, cinnamon, applesauce, mango, grapes, plum and peaches! If she does not like it (peas) she will just straight up refuse to eat. The girl knows what she likes! If she really likes it she opens huge and says "Ahhhh" and moves her head into the spoon then bites like crazy at the spoon. 

Sleep: She goes to bed at 7:00 after having a diaper change, bottle, and listening to lullabies. Mom wakes her during the week at 6:45 for a bottle. After this bottle she might go back to bed until mom wakes at 7:45 for Daycare (but most days she is so excited to see Mom she just stays up and watches mom get ready). If its a weekend she usually sleeps til 7 and then wants to be up for the day. She is a good sleeper and will sleep by herself in the crib. She is taking about 3, 30 minute naps at daycare and if she is home she may even do an hour to hour and a half in her crib. If she is over tired and throwing a tantrum she only goes to sleep if you cradle her and sway her back and forth. She likes to sleep with her Lovie. No more sleep sack!

Health: luckily no problems!

Behavior: Kylie is such a smiley girl. She likes to smile and then turn away like she is shy. Her nose wrinkles when she smiles. She thinks peek a boo is funny. She is very very curious still and studies everything. She is still our sassy little diva! She stops in her tracks if the dog comes in the room, she is fascinated by him. If she doesn't get her way she will let you know she is not okay with it.

Play : Kylie loves to jump in her jumper, she will jump in her jumper for over 30 minutes at a time and just giggles like crazy as she does it. She loves playing on the activity tables. She likes to look in the mirror. Kylie loves anything she can put in her mouth to bite.. Loves her Sophie the Giraffe. Loves having dance parties with mom and dad! She is starting to be interested in anything she can pull out (diapers from diaper pail, diaper changing mat, toys in a basket). She loves toys that light up. Kylie loves balls and blocks but doesn't do more then eat them! She is starting to learn to take things from her brother and finds it funny to steal his pacifier.

Development: She crawls!!! Its an army crawl but she does well and is getting fast. Also rolling from time to time. She just talks and talks and talks to you. Still working on that first word....Mommy ;)

8 month photo:


Some of our highlights of the past month:
Where to start?!?! In addition to all the firsts which will always be memorable, here are a few other things:

Second plane ride - 
Dinner in the airport

Rehearsal dinner for Aunt Marghi and Uncle Kyles wedding:

Playtime with cousins

Cheering on the Colts

Being silly with mommy before work every day 

Lots of playtime while watching college football

Kylie was star of the month at school 

Neighborhood watch

A boy and his dog

Almost enough hair for hair clips!!

Sibling naps

Starting our wearing pink on Monday tradition

Bows and bow ties

Silly expressions they make

Playing dress up
Nurse practitioner Kylie

Pilot Alex

Nakie babies!

Spending time with Grammy

Learning to play together

I can't even handle it!! They get cuter each day!!! Love them so much :)